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You know you’re a Minnesotan Abroad if

You get weird looks if you ask for your pizza to be cut into squares.

You’ve gotten strange looks when you whipped out your Super America fuel card, your TCF Bank debit card, your Dunn Brothers gift card, or White Castle refillable cup at a gas station.

You’re the only one in a t-shirt when it’s 50 degrees F.

You’re the only one at the bar paying attention to the Frozen Four on the TV.

You’re truly stunned when people start up a conversation with you when you say “Hey, how’s it goin!”?

You’re absolutely shocked when people actually invite you out to a barbecue after that little conversation.

You go rollerblading unironically, because that’s the way you stay in shape for hockey season. Everybody else is skateboarding.

You’re at an Asian diner, and you’re hard pressed to find pho, glass noodles, or banh mis. But you can find this weird thing called “Sukiyaki”.

You’re trying to find Summit or Surly on tap, but you settle for Goose Island.

You step into a church service, and you’re trying to find the Coffee. Nope.

You find a Somali person on the double decker bus. You strike up a conversation with him in what little Somali you know. Everybody around you is amazed at how good your Somali language skills are. The Somali person is stunned that there’s someone else who speaks Somali, albeit with with very, very long vowels.
You’re either the tallest or burliest person on the double decker bus

You and a Canadian have a 2 hour long conversation about hockey. Both of you guys think each other’s accents are weird. The other people can’t tell you apart.

You sing Prince, Bob Dylan, and Soul Asylum, Semisonic, and Lizzo at the karaoke bar.

You and a Swedish tourist share your favorite lutefisk jokes.

You’re trying to find a lake or river to go fishing in, and there simply aren’t that many.

You make a Wisconsin joke in front of a guy wearing a Justin Jefferson jersey, in front of another guy wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey… Only to find out that the Justin Jefferson guy is from Atlanta, and the Aaron Rodgers guy is from Vermont, and either of them get the joke.

You frantically look for cheese curds at the concessions booth at the amusement park. The cashier hands you a bag of cheez doodles.

You go to the local rink and you amaze everybody with your ice skating skills. Back home, your nickname is “Bender the Robot”.

2 responses to “You know you’re a Minnesotan Abroad if”

  1. seemypinky Avatar

    Some of these seem like they could apply to Minnesotans who aren’t abroad

  2. thereaverofdarkness Avatar

    50 degrees F is t-shirt weather. I’m a native Oregonian, migrated north to Washington. Tried to keep going but I got stopped at the border. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

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