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Why will the American people never convert to the metric system?

Because they’ll never accept a foreign ruler.

25 responses to “Why will the American people never convert to the metric system?”

  1. muppethero80 Avatar

    I saw that from a kilometer away

  2. NoWingedHussarsToday Avatar

    If US were to switch from measuring weight in pounds to kilograms it would create a mass confusion.

  3. Ramp007 Avatar

    Drugs have taught more Americans about grams than all of the schools put together.

  4. Mission_Anything_429 Avatar

    It’s cause they have a foot fetish

  5. PygmeePony Avatar

    They will go the extra mile to avoid the metric system.

  6. Shingaion Avatar

    Edit: sorry my bad. Clever joke ?

  7. DrMux Avatar

    An Irishman stumbles piss drunk out of the pub in the wee hours of the moonless night and proceeds to try and amble his way home. It’s so dark out, he can’t even see his willy when some time later he stops to release the contents of his bladder to the wild. So he lights a match and to his shock it seems he’s taken a leak on an old, weathered gravestone by the side of the road! The drunkard falls to his knees lamenting his desecration of the grave, and begins to wonder about the life of this poor soul. Lighting another match, he can barely make out some details in the shadows on the old stone. Poor old bastard by the name of Miles made it to the ripe old age of 93, from Dublin! Boy, no wonder he died – From Dublin to here’s got to to be over 150 kilometers… quite a walk fer an ol geezer!

  8. ShinePDX Avatar

    Looks at ruler on desk – “Made in China”

  9. LevPornass Avatar

    Meter? I never even heard of her.

  10. CrazyOkie Avatar

    It’s because we know it is really a communist plot to overthrow the USA.

    (I can remember people – famous people – making that claim in the 70s and 80s.)

  11. weaverl47 Avatar

    Heck, we don’t even accept our own leaders…

  12. StorminXX Avatar

    I saw this from a mile away.

  13. Sleepdprived Avatar

    Because pirates stole the kilogram bound for America… truth is funnier than fiction.

  14. tommy3rd Avatar

    to be fair, scientists and mathematicians here in America do use the metric system.

  15. soiltostone Avatar

    Because it’s not “deeply rooted in this country’s history and tradition.”

  16. Sludgenet Avatar

    We are converting to metric units, at just an inch at a time!

  17. OverDriveXLR-18 Avatar

    Take my upvotes and frick off

  18. Blademan2021 Avatar

    Because we’re too busy being backwoods retards. Haven’t you heard ? Going backwards into the dark ages is all the rage here !

  19. ofri12347 Avatar

    This is false Americans use rulers made in china

  20. wigzell78 Avatar

    The unit of the foot is literally the length of a dead English King’s foot. The mile is the distance the Roman Legion travelled in 1,000 paces when marchinf. It’s *already* from a foreign ruler…

  21. smudge_47 Avatar

    Hey, no fair! We are inching closer to the metric system in this country every year.

  22. -RadarRanger- Avatar

    * – an *openly* foreign ruler, you mean ??

  23. buddyfriendo Avatar

    Technically speaking we have been on the metric system since 1975, but people just seem to have ignored it lol

  24. diomark Avatar

    We already had a Russian ruler

  25. laxativefx Avatar

    But the imperial system is English. Does that mean despite the war of independence, the US still has a British ruler?

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