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When I die, I want my remains spread at Disneyland.

Also, I don’t want to be cremated.

9 responses to “When I die, I want my remains spread at Disneyland.”

  1. Flux83 Avatar

    The pirates ride could use some more skeletons.

  2. GlassWasteland Avatar

    Okay dude we will stuff your corpse full of explosives, put it on a big drone, fly it over Disneyland and explode your bio-hazardous ass all over children.

  3. Bmblbee76 Avatar

    This is actually a thing (ahem, with cremation). Disney deals with people trying to spread ashes in the parks or resorts more often than you know.

  4. hacking_to_the_g8 Avatar

    Hey, I’ve seen this episode of The Boys!

  5. ziksy9 Avatar

    You wouldn’t be the first….

  6. MrBurns1619 Avatar

    Okay you’ll be dismembered painted Go Away Green and hidden throughout. There will be a game where if you find a limb you’ll win a substantial payout. Just sign right here ( it’s an nda for your protection, no you don’t need a lawyer)

  7. EnvironmentalDeal256 Avatar

    Ride the right ride and you may get your wish.

  8. ltlrags Avatar

    You still have to pay full price

  9. henry_canabanana Avatar


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