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What was Johann Sebastian Bach’s last words?

I’ll be Bach

8 responses to “What was Johann Sebastian Bach’s last words?”

  1. fh3131 Avatar

    Bach hurts

  2. Aconductor2 Avatar

    Did you hear what Bach’s doing these days? Ready. ——————-Decomposing.

  3. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Joke Rule #1 : For short jokes that are essentially vehicles for pun delivery, the set-up line must *never* contain any word or root form that is *also* found in the punchline’s wordplay.

    Violation : “Bach’s = Bach

    Solution : On his deathbed, having completed his “Brandenburg Concertos,” what were the great composer’s final words?”

    “I’ll be Bach.”


    *”beep-boop” I am the re-write bot!*

  4. Ok_Professional_9500 Avatar

    True story: At work yesterday when someone said “I’ll be back” I said “I’ll be Beethoven” got a few laughs but even more groans ?

  5. Splattered_Smothered Avatar

    Oh fuck you! Take my upvote and get off the fuckin’ stage!

  6. [deleted] Avatar


  7. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Of course *now* he’s just de-composing…

  8. brokedownpalace10 Avatar

    “Where were you?”

    “I was Haydn, but now I’m Bach.”

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