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What hurts the worst?

A very pregnant woman walks into a bar with her girlfriends and orders a diet coke. “Did you know that childbirth isn’t nearly as painful as it is for a man to get kicked in the balls?” the bartender asks the woman. “What?” The woman exclaims. “How can you say that? You have no idea how much pain a woman endures during birth.” “Pure logic,” the bartender replies. “You never see a man deciding two years later to go out and get kicked in the balls again …”

18 responses to “What hurts the worst?”

  1. kaarellion Avatar

    Bartender clearly has never heard of Jackass

  2. NotOficerP Avatar

    Stepping on your pets tail is the worst kind of emotional damage

  3. Ferreteria Avatar

    Put a PS5 or Corvette on the table or anything else a man might refer to as “his baby” and then ask again.

  4. Jorma_88 Avatar

    Not in to shaolin monk training i see..

    Or some kind of asian monk training not sure it is shaolin

  5. HippyFacts Avatar

    I think there’s a subreddit for men that like to get kicked in the balls

  6. Rispy_Girl Avatar

    This sounds like the bartender asking to get kicked in the balls lol

  7. HokieNerd Avatar

    “You never see a man deciding two years later to go out and get kicked in the balls again …”

    This is false.

  8. truckaduk Avatar

    I’m surprised he remembered her after two years lol

  9. Fryphax Avatar

    How fresh! Never heard this one today.

  10. gwilliamso Avatar

    Is being so cold

  11. Myke_Ekym Avatar

    What would a little pregnant woman be like?

  12. [deleted] Avatar


  13. Abstract_and_Surreal Avatar

    Haha ??

  14. Gashnaw Avatar

    Well you can kill a man with a kick to the balls. Women can die during childbirth.

    Men are not designed to be kicked in the balls. Women are designed to give birth.

    They have designed things to help with childbirth. Kicked in the balls, ice.

    Nature has deemed that a kick in the balls hurts more, by creating ice.

  15. AphroditesGoldenOrbs Avatar

    The correct way to word the title would have been either “What hurts the most?” or “Which hurts more?”

  16. AphroditesGoldenOrbs Avatar

    To answer the question in your title:

    Being so close, and having you walk away.

  17. ElkProfessional5807 Avatar

    I asked for an abortion, now it’s illegal. Lol

  18. Roasted_Chicken_Rice Avatar

    if youre slightly pregnnant, will it hurt less?

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