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What do you call an American bee?


2 responses to “What do you call an American bee?”

  1. LoneKharnivore Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about this one for a week or two and come on dude that punchline deserves a better lead-in. You can’t just say “American bee” and then “USB.”

    I was considering “where does American honey come from? a USB.” but I really want to work in the computer element.

    Maybe “why are American computers always full of honey? because of all the USB ports.” but I’m not satisfied with that one either.

    Or “what kind of insect lives exclusively in American computers? a USB.”

    Or “what do Americans stir their honey with? a USB stick.”

    I dunno. I can’t quite get there.

  2. Tomi8338 Avatar

    a LiberBee

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