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Two elderly men

Got wasted drunk one evening and decided to go to a brothel.
The madam seeing how out of it both of them were decided to give them blow up dolls instead of real women.

The next day the two old men met up again and started sharing their experiences of the previous night.

The first one went.
“I think mine was dead. I moved her, shook her. No reaction whatsoever”.

The other guy said.
“This is nothing. I’m convinced mine was a witch. In the heat of the moment as we were going at it I bit her ass. She let out a massive fart. Then flew out the window taking my dentures with her.”

7 responses to “Two elderly men”

  1. mirivane Avatar

    Very funny

  2. noobtik Avatar

    The two men must have dementia as well, coz this joke appears so many times in this sub already

  3. mandalorianwren Avatar

    Very good!

  4. Regret-Superb Avatar

    Like the gentlemen, very old.

  5. CoatOfCharms Avatar

    This is pretty good

  6. Superfreshkidd Avatar


  7. ariadeneva Avatar

    that dentures is a nice addition to the common repost

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