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Tractor ain’t working

A horse peed on my tractor the other day and now it won’t run. Seems it’s come down with a urinary tractor infection.

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  1. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    **JOKE RULE #1 :** For jokes that are essentially brief pun delivery mechanisms, no word or root form that appears in the punchline’s wordplay should *also* have appeared earlier in the set up.

    **VIOLATION :** “tractor”

    **SUGGESTION :** “One of the horses must’ve peed on my John Deere…

    …because the darn thing’s come down with a urinary tractor infection!”


    *”beep-boob” I am the re-write bot!*

  2. marycartlizer Avatar

    Another tractor pun for your collection, OP.

    A farmer walks over to the next farm over to see his friend, Rudy. He hears Rudy over in the barn. When he walks into the barn he sees Rudy doing what looks to be an awkward strip tease in front of his farm equipment.

    “Rudy, what the heck are you doing?”

    “Well you remember I was telling you that me and the wife were having some trouble in the bedroom. I have to admit I thought it was odd, but my therapist told me to do something sexy to a tractor”

  3. Doc-in-a-box Avatar


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