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Three logicians walk into a bar

The bartender asks “does everybody want a drink?”
Logician 1: “I don’t know.”
Logician 2: “I don’t know.”
Logician 3: “Yes.”

7 responses to “Three logicians walk into a bar”

  1. richmondhill712 Avatar

    . . . Logician 3: “No.” The bartender, being a logician himself, serves the first two.

  2. dantuba Avatar

    Also works if the question is “does anybody want a drink”, except the last answer is “No”!

  3. jaydenkirtawn Avatar

    If your head’s in the oven and your feet are in the freezer, a statistician will call you comfortable.

  4. Zulrambe Avatar

    I need a bit help understanding that one

  5. shivamsharma5622 Avatar

    Is there a bot that can explain this joke to me?

  6. third-try Avatar

    Logician 3: “Looks like we’ll all have Schroedingers.”

  7. UngrammaticalPleb Avatar

    This joke is like a funny IQ test

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