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Three guys go to a luxury resort for a business siminar

This resort happens to have a very high end golf course so they each bring their clubs in the hopes of getting in a round if they get some free time. As luck would have it midweek the day’s activities end at lunchtime. So they grab their clubs and head to the clubhouse to see about getting a tee time.

The guy behind the counter says “Sorry, but we’re booked solid for the next two weeks.”

It was at that point they see a rather attractive woman at the other end of the counter checking in by herself.

The three guys approach her and say “Hey, if you let us join you we’ll pay for the round, rent the carts and pay for any drinks you want brought out.”

The woman looks at them for a few seconds and finally says “Okay, you can join me, but only under one condition. At no time do any of you try to tell me how to play.”

The three guys readily agree and they go hit the links. As they play through, to their amazement the woman is sinking par on every hole.

They were, like, “Damn, she should be telling US how to play!”

Well, they get to the last hole, a par four, and her second shot lands in a sand trap. She chips up onto the green, but is left with a 25 foot putt to make par.

She looks at it for a few moments and finally says “Look, I know I said I didn’t want you telling me how to play, but if one of you can tell me how to sink this putt I’ll give them a blowjob.”

The first guy gets down, looks for a bit, and says “It looks pretty level. A good straight putt ought to hit the hole.”

Second guy gets down, looks, and says “No, it looks like it’s slanting down to the right a little. Give it a slight tap to the left and it should go right in.”

The third guy walks up, looks at the hole, looks at the ball, looks at the hole, looks at the ball. Finally he picks up the ball, puts it in his pocket, and says “We’ll call it a gimme.”

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