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The stutterers

A girl is at a bar, and there are three guys next to her jabbering and carrying on and really getting on her nerves. The worst part was, they all had stutters.

So she says to them, “Listen, I came here for a little peace of mind, and I just can’t stand listening to you guys any more. Here’s a deal: Tell me where you’re from. If you can say it without stuttering, I’ll blow you. But if you can’t, you have to leave. Deal?”

“D-D-Deal!” say the guys.

So she says to the first guy, \`Where are you from?”

The guy concentrates, screws up his face and says, “T-T-Tampa!”

“One down,” says the girl. “Adios. Next?”

The second guys concentrates and concentrates and finally says, “OrlanD-D-D-o!”

“Two down,” says the girl, and turns to the third guy. “How about you?”

The guys says, “Miami.”

Well, she’s a girl of her word. She gets on her knees and starts blowing him.

Just as the guy is coming, he says, “B-B-B-Beach!”

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