free joke here ;p

just open your fucking mouth ;p

The Dad Jokifier 3000

Respond with a comment and I will attempt to respond with a related dad joke.

Edit: Let me help you out. I’m not your real dad or an insult comic. Keep it simple. For example if you said… “onion” I might respond with…

You are my little onion! You have many layers but always make me cry.

7 responses to “The Dad Jokifier 3000”

  1. Buddy2269 Avatar

    Your dad went for milk, you pissed him off with your stupid jokes and didn’t return.

  2. OldSoulRobertson Avatar

    My job is literally to push buttons and take people’s money.

  3. Lender_Penguin_908 Avatar

    I like trains

  4. ImpulseAfterthought Avatar

    I spent nearly all my money on candy corn.

  5. Laraisan Avatar

    My dad was a carpenter. Well, basically still is as he’s alive, but retired. Bring it.

  6. Mun7ed Avatar

    I like chips

  7. EatCrud Avatar

    Asparagus is chocked full of Vitamin A. After I eat it, my pee smells funny.
    Does this mean Vitamin A smells like funny pee?

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