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  • Long joke

    Two alter boys are fishing on a dock. One of the boys gets a bite and struggles to reel him in. When he finally gets the best of the fish, he snatches him up and proclaims to the other alter boy “Look at this big sum bitch!” The other alter boy says “You can’t say […]

  • An old Turkish joke about Tamerlane and Hoja(Hoca) Nasreddin

    In the beginning of 15th Century, Tamerlane defeated the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid and captured him. After the defeat of Ottomans Tamerlane invaded Anatolia and reached all the way to the Aegean Sea. While doing that he met many great scholars and teachers. One of them was the great thinker Nasreddin Hoca( Teacher Nasreddin). Tamerlane, with […]

  • Heard this joke from my niece today

    Niece: “have you heard of the book where the red fern grows?” Me: “yeah It’s a great book why? Niece: “have you heard of the indiana version they made?” Me: “no what is it?” Niece: “it’s called where the yellow corn grows”.

  • What is your top tesla joke right now?

    I want to hear it all!

  • Joke for my Cake Day!

    What prize do you get for growing old? Atrophy!

  • Banjo joke

    I had to stop off at the grocery store with my banjo in the back. I went in and got some groceries. I came back and found that my rear window had been smashed in. Horrified, I looked inside and saw \*two\* banjos in the back.

  • My best Cowboy Joke

    A cowboy is hitching his horse in front of the saloon when a man storms out with a pistol. The cowboy walks into the bar, past a barfly with a half-empty drink, orders a beer and asks the barfly “Who’s the guy who just stormed out looking for trouble?” The barfly responds “Oh him? That’s […]

  • Joke from my 11yr old…

    Q: What do you call a guy who stays inside all day and his neighbour is Jupiter… A: Sat-in… (Saturn)

  • Why did the joke go to therapy?

    Because it was tired of getting pun-ished.

  • If you really want a Russian joke…

    …then Soviet.