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So an tiger was smoking in the forest…

… a rat happened past and started laying into him: “We live in such a beautiful forest; you are such a majestic and beautiful creature, why the hell are you killing yourself like this. Come with me and I’ll show you sights to live for!”

Intrigued the tiger drops his cigarette and follows the rat. They happen upon an elephant chewing tobacco. The rat gives him the same spiel and admonishes him. Shamed and intrigued, the elephant follows him. The three of them again stumble upon a lion drinking himself senseless. The rat proceeds to deliver the same lecture and gets smacked into the bushes by the lion.

“He was only trying to show us a better path and sights to live for. Why did you smack him?” protested the tiger.

“Better path and Sights to live for, my arse! The fucking rat is horny as hell. He took me crawling into the undergrowth, got me stuck and had his way with me. Why the hell do you think I’m drinking?”

Edit: tried a better punchline.

3 responses to “So an tiger was smoking in the forest…”

  1. southsamurai Avatar

    I don’t get it. Makes no sense as told.

  2. Scorchx3000 Avatar

    Got a better one, a rabbit is running through the woods and sees a rat with a bag of shrooms.

    “Don’t take those friend, come with me for a run, you’ll feel great.”

    The rat joins the rabbit for a run, they come across a fox about tobtake cocaine.

    “My friend, that will kill you, why not join us fir a run?”

    The fox joins the rat and rabbit fir a run, they find a wolf smoking a joint.

    “That’s bad for you, but a good run will stimulate you, a natural high.”

    The wolf suddenly lunges at the rabbit and kills him.

    “Woah man, what the fuck?” The fox yelps.

    “He was only being helpful.” The rat said.

    “Every time he pops a Cowie, he wants me to go on a run with him.”

  3. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Get the concept but punchline almost *totally* fails to deliver. This joke has potential but needs significant work.

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