free joke here ;p

just open your fucking mouth ;p

Size of matter in descending order.

Molecule > Atom > Proton > Quark > x on a mobile ad

6 responses to “Size of matter in descending order.”

  1. riggengan Avatar

    Why do you want to x when they are looking for hot milfs in your area?

  2. Ayomichan Avatar

    That, by far, is the most truest thing I had seen today

  3. jesusthroughmary Avatar

    Also its exact location can never be known with certainty

  4. Waitsfornoone Avatar

    …and my giant sized finger still can’t seem to hit that x.

  5. hoenheimen10 Avatar

    I wonder if I started the argument , u r the one who used offensive language first , and reply can be a joke as well not always trying to argue , ….

  6. LLRocky15 Avatar

    > your friends P

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