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Once there was a little boy in church.

He had to go to the bathroom so he told his mother, “Mommy, I have to piss.”

The mother said, “Son don’t say piss in church. Next time you have to piss, say, ‘whisper’ because it is more polite.”

The next Sunday, the litle boy was sitting by his father this time, and once again, he had to go to the bathroom.

He told his father, “Daddy I have to whisper.”

The father said, “OK. Here, whisper in my ear.”

4 responses to “Once there was a little boy in church.”

  1. BenjPhoto1 Avatar

    Why would that be an issue in church? The Bible refers to it as piss.

  2. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Now, because the boy could not use the word “piss” while in church, there was no practical manner for his misunderstanding to be revealed in order to trigger the comic release, so he had to *actually* pee in his dad’s ear to deliver what by necessity was a *visual* punchline.

    So of course the little boy stood up on the bench, unzipped and whipped it out before his dad had a chance to figure out the misunderstanding. Now, in real time it would be not be at all believable that the ear-peeing would be of any notable duration, so this entire action takes place in slow-mo (which, though lengthening the act, ironically makes it more believable by avoiding real-time speed which provides the requisite context for judging credibility of action). The result is a protracted comic scene of improbable ear-filling.

    (Chuckling is now appropriate)

  3. Gale_Grim Avatar

    Why would you replace that with whisper? Just make the kid say “go to the bathroom” ….

  4. surreysmith Avatar

    You ruined the wording of the joke.

    It’s not “say whisper because it’s more polite”

    It goes: “next time say something else like tinkle, or whisper.”

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