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once their was a prince..

Once their was a prince who had been cursed by a witch. the curse was that he could only say 1 word every year


well one day, while walking the royal gardens, he comes across a woman. he loves her so much, and decides he wants to marry her


he doesn’t talk for 3 years, so he can save up the words to say ” I love you”


then, realising it wasn’t enough, he waits another 4 years so he can say “will you mary me”


finally, the day comes and he gets on his knees, looks up at the woman and says, I love you. will you marry me?


the woman looks at him and responds, sorry what was that?

4 responses to “once their was a prince..”

  1. james--FranCO Avatar


    Lol but, couldn’t he just write it down?

  2. Look_Specific Avatar

    “Sorry I won’t marry you as you talk too much!”

  3. KnownAd7367 Avatar

    I don’t understand. How is this different from any other relationship?

  4. bluesheepreasoning Avatar

    There was also a monastery where new members were ordered to take a vow of silence, only saying 2 words per year.

    One of the monks grumbles, “So hungry.” The older monks give him some bread.

    The next year, the same monk complains, “Too cold.” The older monks give him a blanket.

    The following year, this monk spouts, “I quit.” One of the older monks says, “I’m not surprised. You’ve complained since you’ve gotten here.”

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