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Husband is standing next to his dying wife. Wife tells him darling before i die i have a confession to make, please open up the box that is under the bed. Husband does it and finds 50k dollars and 3 chicken eggs. The man asks what’s the deal with the 3 eggs?. Wife explains that every time she cheated on him she would put 1 egg inside the box. The husband says to her, well we were married almost 50 years, 3 eggs is not a lot, but honey what about the 50k?. Whenever I had a dozen eggs I would sell them.

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  1. DerRaumdenker Avatar

    A couple had their car broken in a town away from home and they had little money, the town people refused to help them or give them money, so a husband told his wife she has to make a sacrifice for the family

    “20 for a blowjob, 30 for going in and 50 for both” said the husband

    A few minutes later she came back to the car with a young muscular man, after five minutes she got out and walked to her husband

    “The guy wants to do both but he has only 40, can you lend him 10”

  2. amerkanische_Frosch Avatar

    Husband and wife are on the brink of poverty. Husband cannot find a job of any kind. Finally they decide the only thing to do to stave off ruin is for the wife to turn tricks.

    Wife goes out in the evening, and comes back home next morning, totally bedraggled, looking like something the cat dragged in.

    “So how did it go?” asked the husband.

    “Well, here are my earnings,” says the wife, “three hundred dollars and fifty cents.”

    “Three hundred dollars and FIFTY CENTS?”, asks the husband incredulously. “Who the hell gave you fifty cents?”

    Wife responds: “Everybody gave me fifty cents.”

  3. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Logic prob with OP’s joke – presumably she originally bought the eggs, so hard to imagine that she could later sell them for cumulative profit of 50k.

  4. JSmellerM Avatar

    Funny and probably thought up by a woman who can’t do math.

  5. SadLaser Avatar

    The math here just doesn’t work out. A dozen eggs.. especially over the last 50 years… I mean, we’re talking about literally millions of indiscretions. It would literally have to be her having sex 30+ times a day with someone else, every day of her life.. and probably still not enough.

  6. MedStew57 Avatar

    I genuinely felt bad for the husband

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