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Norm McDonald Joke: A man walks up and orders food.

Man walks up to the employee and says “Yeah, I would like uhhh…the Polish sausage.” The employee kinda chuckles and says “Polish sausage, you must be Polish?” The man now angry yells ” HEY, JUST CAUSE I ORDERED A POLISH SAUSAGE DON’T MAKE ME POLISH! IF I ORDERED FRENCH FRIES DOES THST MAKE ME FRENCH, IF I ORDER SWEDISH MEATBALLS DOES THAT MAKE ME SWEDISH, IF I ORDERED A CUBAN SANDWICH DOES THAT MAKE ME CUBAN? GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO THINK I’M POLISH CAUSE I ORDERED A POLISH SAUSAGE, CAUSE I’M NOT POLISH!” The employee: ” Sir, this is a hardware store.”

21 responses to “Norm McDonald Joke: A man walks up and orders food.”

  1. DarthMolar Avatar

    It’s so much better when you read it with Norm’s voice & cadence in your head. Lol.

    RIP Norm

  2. ColonelAngusRVA Avatar

    A blonde walks into a library and says, “I would like a chicken ceasar salad, a sweet tea and a slice of key lime pie”

    The librarian says to the blonde, “Im sorry miss, but this is a library …..”

    The blonde whispers, “Oh, im so sorry, can I get a chicken ceasar salad, a sweet tea and a slice of key lime pie?”

  3. McNasty9er Avatar

    His humor was so dry. He will be missed.

  4. ptown320 Avatar

    Him telling it is the best. Didn’t look into him until after he passed. I can watch clips of him for hours and laugh my ass off. Unbelievably funny

  5. tanithsfinest Avatar

    Here my local [large scale chain hardware and home goods store] has a concession stand right outside the front door, and the polish hot dogs are top notch. Without knowing the joke I just assumed it was indeed a hardware store. Weird how it works out sometimes.

  6. hardcorebillybobjoe Avatar

    But does he have a dog house?

  7. jonnynoine Avatar
  8. Trendelthegreat Avatar

    It’s really missing Norm staring at you for 30 seconds after the punch line

  9. Gashnaw Avatar

    Its a reskinned blond joke.

  10. HelloSillyKitty Avatar

    I don’t get it

  11. JustRyan23 Avatar

    One time at the McDonald’s I work somebody tried telling us that he paid for the wrong order, and handed us a Jason’s Deli receipt. We laughed out loud, and told him, and then we all laughed together. Yeah

  12. 9boi Avatar

    Another is “how many polish people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

    “The question cannot be answered because polish people are so fucking stupid that no amount of them can complete this simple task.”

  13. boitrubl Avatar

    Sir, this is a Wendy’s

  14. ralphyboy69 Avatar

    This reminds me of that national tragedy.

  15. coyoteatemyhomework Avatar

    Saw him live in a small college theater a 10ish years ago. He got on a spontaneous roll that went for almost an hour over his time. He just kept telling his crew to stop flashing the light at him …its distracting. Lol

  16. efmanrulz Avatar

    Confirmed that it was Norm? I have been saying this joke for about 30 years.

  17. slibetah Avatar

    Know it well

  18. lawtalkingguy23 Avatar

    ”He says”

  19. Kinenai Avatar

    You dirty dog!

  20. newdarkedgefan Avatar

    It’s a good joke, but I think you messed it up a bit.

    The guy goes to and says “hi I want to buy a sausage.

    The guy behind the counter then says “polish sausage?”

    Then the other guy starts to get angry

  21. LanceFree Avatar

    This one disappointed me when I heard it, because I’ve known that joke since the early 80s.

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