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My wife said she wants to break up with me

I asked her “Why?!?”

Wife: “You keep making stupid Transformers jokes…”

Me: “Please don’t leave, I can change!”

7 responses to “My wife said she wants to break up with me”

  1. wunderbraten Avatar

    Wife: “It’s time to roll out!”

  2. Direct_Big_5436 Avatar

    She said you need to be more Optimus, prime

  3. Malvastor Avatar

    Babe, please, there’s so much more to me than meets the eye!

  4. Gear3017 Avatar

    Me: “If you’re tired of it, axle me nicely, and I can take a brake from the yokes”

  5. Trama-D Avatar

    She actually was ready to leave me for another guy, and I couldn’t help but to let her know that «One Shall Stand, and One Shall Fall!».

  6. AVBforPrez Avatar


  7. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    But without another word, my little hypocritical GTO revved her engine and then drove down the stairs and out of my life…

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