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My Boss calls me ‘the computer’

Nothing to do with my intelligence, I go to sleep if left unattended for 15 minutes.

15 responses to “My Boss calls me ‘the computer’”

  1. S1ashAxe Avatar

    My boss calls me “the foreskin”, I disappear when the jobs get hard.

  2. ES_FTrader Avatar

    My boss told me, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

    Now I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as spiderman.

  3. slow_marathon Avatar

    you are also supposed to make the office more efficient, but in reality, you don’t

    * You refuse to follow instructions unless precisely worded
    * You distract others from their work
    * Everyone blames you for anything that goes wrong

  4. ReubenZWeiner Avatar

    I thought it was because you gave him several nasty viruses

  5. lotsanoodles Avatar

    My boss calls me the computer because he has to punch the information in.

  6. mynewnameonhere Avatar

    My wife calls me ‘microsoft.’

    I think because that company is huge.

  7. Iceologer_gang Avatar

    I thought it was because whenever you have to do something difficult you start smoking and burn the office down.

  8. kotarosaranoska Avatar

    Thought it was because when you stop working, a few smacks gets you working again.

  9. nerankori Avatar

    My girlfriend calls me the computer,because I turn on once she plugs me

  10. puzzlesTom Avatar

    I bet you’re really.easy to turn on though

  11. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    My boss calls *me* “the office cop”…

    …because I can *never* be found when anyone actually *needs* me.

  12. sherriffflood Avatar

    You’ve progressively gotten slower, dirtier, unfashionable and faded over the years, but he doesn’t want to get a replacement because of the hassle.

  13. Jorma_88 Avatar

    It’s energy saving, green thinking.. you should ask for a raise

  14. Asadullah1668 Avatar


  15. DrTomT18 Avatar

    That’s a big mood.

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