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Most women I know look at sex like driving a car.

“Is it safe? Is it reliable? Could it kill me?”

But most men I know look at sex like *parking* a car.

“There’s a spot…there’s another spot. Oh, I have to pay? Never mind. Handicapped? I hope no one sees *this*!”

5 responses to “Most women I know look at sex like driving a car.”

  1. yibers Avatar

    Sam Morril

  2. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    She – ” What a pleasant drive… the journey is certainly half the experience…!”

    He – “Hang on – here I come… *I made it!…* Best time *ever!…* oh, sorry honey, don’r worry – I didn’t forget about *you…* So tell me, (*winks*) what did *you* think of my driving…?”

  3. Dickcheese-a1 Avatar

    Is this why parking buildings don’t scare guys also, my big car should fit in that small space although illegal parking will get you in trouble.

  4. CalvinCandie420 Avatar

    “children only”?

    “No one cares, I’ll put it in there”

  5. MechanicalWatches Avatar

    Its from Seinfeld

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