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Long joke

A man is driving down a highway, and he hits and kills a rabbit. He gets out of the car and walks over to the rabbit. He picks it up and starts crying, thinking he’s a horrible person. Someone else driving down the highway stops and walks over to him, and asks, “What happened?” The man replies, “I hit this rabbit with my car and now it’s dead!” The other person gets a thoughtful look on their face and goes back to their car. They rummage around in the trunk, and eventually walk back over to the man holding a spray bottle. They spray the rabbit with the bottle, and it comes back to life. It starts hopping away, turning back every few hops to wave at the two people. The man, astounded, turns to the other person and asks, “What was in that bottle?” The other person replies, “It’s hare spray. It revived dead hare and gives it a constant wave.”

7 responses to “Long joke”

  1. BoozeAddict Avatar

    I still remember the bit from Looney Tunes where bugs bunny was falling off a cliff, so he pulls out a bottle which says “Hare spray. Stops hare from falling.” And he stops in mid air.

  2. True-Bee1903 Avatar

    That’s a good one! ?

  3. richmondhill712 Avatar

    The way I heard the puncline years ago was “Hare restorer and permanent wave.”

  4. AssassinGhostCSGO Avatar

    Shut up and take my upvote you hairy sob

  5. Zpik3 Avatar

    Damn man. I bet you had to rest at least twice writing all that.

  6. Patient_Wind_6824 Avatar


  7. crafter004 Avatar

    Short comment

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