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It wasn’t easy, but me and my wife decided we do not want children

We will be telling them tomorrow.

Edit: They didn’t take it that well, they just kept crying when we left them at gas station.

Edit 2: Oh, it’s all fine, a group of old men comforted them and brought them to their van for sweets, we left in good faith.

18 responses to “It wasn’t easy, but me and my wife decided we do not want children”

  1. Spence_UK Avatar

    I find myself crying at the gas station too, but for different reasons.

  2. FlashpointJ24 Avatar

    “Son, I have something to tell you. You’re adopted.”


    “Yes. Now pack your shit, they’re picking you up in ten minutes.”

  3. EccentricHorse11 Avatar

    Reminds me of this YT short.


  4. Formal_Mundane Avatar

    Atleast you left them at expensive place

  5. Rx1U Avatar

    “It wasn’t easy, but me and my wife decided we do not want children…”

    …They were crying, a group of old men at a petrol station comforted them and took them into their van for sweets, we left in good faith

  6. RaidriarXD Avatar

    [That’s quite a decision.](

  7. darrellbear Avatar

    “My wife and I”.

  8. lespaulstrat2 Avatar

    How many different versions of this joke are we getting today?

  9. RealUglyMF Avatar

    Their tears are the gas stations problem now

  10. dduckquack Avatar

    This all started from that vas deference joke

  11. henry_canabanana Avatar

    You mean a group of old men dressed in black robes

  12. NobilisUltima Avatar


  13. eyl569 Avatar

    You didn’t send them all to medical experiments?

  14. NedRyerson_Insurance Avatar

    Now one of us has to tell the grandkids…

  15. abirkmanis Avatar

    So it’s a tear gas station now?

  16. -justwokeup- Avatar

    But that doesn’t explain the sewn on wig

  17. ec6412 Avatar

    Can’t wait to read what happens next in r/BestofRedditorUpdates

  18. Originalborndead007 Avatar

    Enjoy it. Better have a lot of sex with her early because I heard about them wife things. Give it to her.

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