free joke here ;p

just open your fucking mouth ;p

I’ll open a bar and call it “The Doctors Office”

Motto: Get your shots here

5 responses to “I’ll open a bar and call it “The Doctors Office””

  1. DeathGuppie Avatar

    Like my rave dance place called ‘club baby seal’

  2. the_pepp92 Avatar

    We have the same motto!!! Nice

    Principal at elementary school in USA

  3. Catshannon Avatar

    Make customers sit for an hour before getting a place and then make them sit in their underpants and robe for another half hour before being served?

  4. drmariomaster Avatar

    They offer a cure for all that ails you.

  5. TimeTravelKlokworc Avatar

    Oh might as well call it a gun shop now

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