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I went on a date with an Italian.

We had a great conversation until we held hands, then she was speechless.

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  1. DerRaumdenker Avatar

    A German a Japanese and an Italian were caught by the Americans during ww2 and were tortured for information

    The german kept silent for two days of intense torture then broke off and confessed everything

    The Japanese lasted a little bit more for four days then he gave up and told them everything he knew

    The Italian after five six seven days didn’t utter a single word so the americans gave up and put him back in prison with the other two

    “I never witnessed such bravery and loyalty my whole life! How did you manage to go through all that and keep silent?!” Asked the german

    “I wanted to confess on the first day but the bastards tied my hands ” answered the Italian

  2. ecdrummer40 Avatar

    As an Italian I approve this joke.

  3. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    I wouldn’t put it pasta…

  4. outsmartedagain Avatar

    I was outside walking with my Italian friend on briskly winter day when he asked if I wouldn’t mind talking for a little bit, his hands were freezing

  5. Emergency_Style4515 Avatar

    I am not an Italian. Not even European.

    But I get this complaint a lot from my spouse that I move my hands too much and I am trying to control it.

    Is this some kind of personality?

  6. RadiantTangerine3920 Avatar

    Moms Italian and Dads Irish, I took after the Irish, my sister took after my Mom, to keep her from talking in class one of her teachers made her sit on her hands. She literally can’t talk without her hands.

  7. FrankAvalon Avatar


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  9. walltowallgreens Avatar

    yuk yuk yuk, good one!

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