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I was angry at my friend and he sarcastically asked “what would Jesus do?”

So I flipped over the table and chased him from the building with a whip.

9 responses to “I was angry at my friend and he sarcastically asked “what would Jesus do?””

  1. RRC_driver Avatar

    Hung out with hookers, then went fishing with my mates

  2. Klotzster Avatar

    No need to be cross

  3. MarchColorDrink Avatar

    I found $50 on the sidewalk. Was tempted to keep it, but stopped and asked my self what would Jesus do? So i turned it into wine

  4. ObsoleteReference Avatar

    I worked putting logos on clothes at one point. Someone came in while doing so WWJD merchandise ‘Well he wouldn’t wear THAT’.

  5. Netsrak69 Avatar

    Then I had my dad, who is old school, maul him with bears. And then flood the world.

  6. Soulshroude Avatar

    No loaves or fishes for you…

  7. gAlien14 Avatar

    Remember to curse the fig tree!

    Sure, it’s not giving figs because it’s not fig season, but still . . .

  8. All-I-See-Is-Ashes Avatar

    Set him on fire and sent him to hell.

  9. Specific_Tap7296 Avatar

    Terrible behaviour. I blame the parents

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