free joke here ;p

just open your fucking mouth ;p

I said to a blonde girl.

I bet you a blowjob I can sing a song with your name in it, no way says the blonde, my name is Chantelle, so I bet you, Ok I said here we go….

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chantelle happy blow job for me…

5 responses to “I said to a blonde girl.”

  1. DrLycFerno Avatar

    You know there’s a special key on your keyboard to make paragraphs?

  2. Conscious-Extent-965 Avatar

    Now, blow out the candles on your cream pie.

  3. AllanfromWales1 Avatar

    She should have just said “I shan’t tell you my name”.

  4. richmondhill712 Avatar

    What was the spoiler?

  5. gilfromisrael Avatar

    Chantelle, ma belle

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