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I own a motorcycle and my friend walks up to me…

And she’s like: “You own a motorcycle? Are you serious? You gotta be careful, I got in a car wreck the other day and my car flipped nine times.” And everyone who was talking was like WHOA that is crazy your car flipped nine times. And I look at her and I think: “w-why would you count, like you be in a car wreck and your car is flipping in the air and you just go ‘AAAAAAAAAAA ONEEEEE’


Just a joke I thought of at the moment lol

(This joke is not mine, it was made by Preacher Lawson on America’s Got Talent, I only added/cut a few parts to add to the joke).

2 responses to “I own a motorcycle and my friend walks up to me…”

  1. Gashnaw Avatar

    Preacher Lawson…

  2. Lord-Bitness Avatar

    For the originality it wasn’t bad.

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