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I once saw a kid riding a bike.

I went “omg that looks like mine” and ran all the way home, but luckily mine was still chained up asking for food

6 responses to “I once saw a kid riding a bike.”

  1. ADDeviant-again Avatar

    If you like jokes like this, check out Emo Philips.

    “When I was little, my mom used to feed me with a spoon, and say, ‘Choo choo choo! Open up, here comes the train” …and If I didn’t eat it, she wouldn’t untie me from the tracks.”

    “My favorite day of the year used to always be that first snowfall. As the ground became coated in white, I would get SO excited, run to the back door, and yell, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing!!! You know the deal, you have to let me in, now!”

  2. Lallner Avatar


  3. endoteki Avatar

    This kinda should go in twosentencehorror…

  4. MechanicalWatches Avatar

    Legends say the kid is still chained up but now he’s an adult

  5. avoere Avatar

    The version where it is s black guy is funnier

  6. onairmastering Avatar

    Nope, not good.

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