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How many Mexicans?

How many Mexicans does it take to…

Holy sh\*\* they’re already done.

13 responses to “How many Mexicans?”

  1. Disciple_of_Cthulhu Avatar

    Only Juan.

  2. hops4beer Avatar

    only before noon

  3. Weinatightspotboys Avatar


  4. OhScheisse Avatar

    I’m Latino…I’m gonna use this one at the next family gathering. Haha

  5. enoui Avatar

    My brother did masonry work. Said the Mexicans and Guatemalans would just put him to shame with how fast they did it all.

  6. SpeedyHAM79 Avatar

    I’ve heard similar sentiments from all sorts of people. Mexican laborers are always very efficient in my experience.

  7. PillCosby696969 Avatar

    Algo mas senor?

  8. chrispy137 Avatar

    Mexican jokes and black jokes are played out. I mean… You heard Juan you heard Jamal.

  9. Husbandaru Avatar

    Vana ser 13 pesos.

  10. No-Raisin-6469 Avatar

    Jor welcum!

  11. komokazi Avatar

    Juan in a million

  12. ccrozzz Avatar

    I Mexican, I work hard, and poop hotter.

  13. PQ01 Avatar

    Faster than the union guys, in any case.

    True story: relative joined a union and was working pretty well. Coworker noticed this and told her to slow down, or she was going to cost the union jobs. She answered, if you intentionally drag your asses, you won’t be working for long.

    She was right. Only a year or two later, the union lost the deal for a hell of a lot of jobs at a hell of a lot of solid money. Blew it big time.

    And it just always struck me as ironic too how they *still* unquestioningly support the candidates that support the massive numbers of illegals that drive down the price of their wages. One guy got asked about that at a local, and he just said nothing looked away.

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