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How does the person who gives circumcisions get paid?

They keep the tips

2 responses to “How does the person who gives circumcisions get paid?”

  1. fugawf Avatar

    I was thinking, “20 bucks a head”

  2. hsvsunshyn Avatar

    So, a mohel had a strange habit. After each snip, he literally kept the tip, putting it in a formaldehyde jar. When he was ready to retire, he had an entire collection, and decided to take it to a friend who was a leathersmith. The mohel said that he did not care what the leathersmith made out of it, since he knew that it would be tricky to use so many small bits.

    After about a month, the leathersmith called the mohel in, and presented him with a wallet. The mohel complained, saying that there had to have been more… material, in that jar. The leathersmith replied that there was, and told the mohel that if he rubbed the wallet, it would become a suitcase.

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