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Hitman kills cheating wife

I heard this one a long time ago.

A man tired of his cheating wife and wants to have her killed. He asked some of his friends and his and as soon referred to a local hitman named Artie.

The man meets Artie in a local bar and tells him that his wife is cheating on him and he wants her whacked.

Artie sympathizes with the man and say that his wife cheated as well and he’ll do the job for a dollar.

Artie arrives at the house, because it’s personal to him, he wants to choke the wife to death with his own hands.

Unexpectedly the Butler answers the door. Since he can’t have any witnesses he chokes the Butler to death in the doorway

Artie makes his way upstairs but runs into the maid so he chokes her to death on the steps.

Finally he finds the wife in the upstairs bedroom jokes are to death telling her that cheating is wrong.

All the neighbors heard about what happened, but to their surprise it wasn’t front page on the news. They searched all through the headlines and local news but local news but couldn’t find the article finally when they reached the food section it was there in big bold letters


2 responses to “Hitman kills cheating wife”

  1. MrNanashi Avatar

    Ye i can see this joke is not gonna be repost for a while

  2. razors_so_yummy Avatar

    Actually, that’s a pretty good deal

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