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God and Canadians

When God made Canadians, he made them polite, peace-loving, and nice.
But the Devil said, “you are disturbing the balance of nature”.
God thought about it, and said, “you are right. But I don’t want to undo my work.”
Devil: “well, there is only one way to fix this.”

So God created Canadian Geese.

19 responses to “God and Canadians”

  1. BlueMonkey-CoCo Avatar

    Canadian here. Sorry about the geese. Just don’t look them in the eye.

  2. Mk7613 Avatar

    “You got a problem with canada gooses you got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that one marinate.”

  3. hoosierdude73 Avatar

    Fuckin degens from upcountry.

  4. Leading_Elk9454 Avatar

    There’s a reason we are so polite, we gotta put the anger somewhere… thus the invention of the Canadian anger vessel, known to the rest of the world as Canadian Geese

  5. hungrytiredandbored Avatar

    Never hate on Canadian geese or mcMurray will come after you

  6. Newbori Avatar

    I thought this was going to be: so God created Florida/Texas/USA.

  7. coyoteatemyhomework Avatar

    Flying cobra chickens!

  8. footlewis_ Avatar

    They’re Canada Geese. Even Canadians disown them

  9. Opening-Confusion355 Avatar

    The three men that discovered Canada decided to name it by drawing a letter each from a bag of scrabble tiles. The first letter drawn was ‘C’ and so it was announced “C eh”

  10. Blonde_Vampire_1984 Avatar

    I’ve heard Canada geese are tasty. I’m not sure how to prove it though?

  11. Uranus_Hz Avatar

    Canada Geeses are the most majestic of all the ornithologies!!!

  12. gin_and_toxic Avatar

    I’d like to know the story of murder hornets

  13. tinykittenyt Avatar

    Nah geese are always assholes. Take the uk for example (home contry for me) you even go passed them they will his at you and I’ve not seen it but they probably stab people over their bread (like Londoners and 20 quid)

  14. CaptainSur Avatar

    You get my non-angry upvote of the day for this joke!

  15. KachidokiX Avatar

    Not as bad as the moose

  16. elmwoodblues Avatar

    The one plus I anticipated from early covid was that we would all start eating Canada geese

  17. Frogeems Avatar

    We all should be more concerned about moose. Ever seen a moose run at full speed or dive down in water? And God forbid one’s on the middle of the road at night. They say don’t swerve, but you’d better swerve instead of hit a moose.

  18. likealocal14 Avatar

    I totally thought this was going to be a “crappy American neighbours” joke and then laughed out loud when it was the cobra chickens. Had to fight to stop my dog chasing a pack of them in the beach today – she wouldn’t have stood a chance

  19. SimonKepp Avatar

    I thought he responded “Just look at who, I’m giving them as neighbours”

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