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Gilbert O’Sullivan came into my bank the other day…

“What did he want?”

A loan again, naturally.

4 responses to “Gilbert O’Sullivan came into my bank the other day…”

  1. seemypinky Avatar

    I feel like I’m missing something

  2. tysons1 Avatar

    Summer of 1972, that was my favorite song, along with “13 Questions” by Seatrain. I was working at Funland, Rehoboth Beach, and played both loud through speakers set in the windows of the 2nd floor on the boardwalk, directly above the darts/cotton candy/sno cone/racing horses. Great memories. …They pay us fine, 10 dollars a week, the food they give us ain’t decent to eat, I’m so tired can’t stand on my feet. Funland, Funland, you got to me….

  3. tangre79 Avatar

    Maybe all that debt is why he’s so depressed

  4. iTanooki Avatar

    Thanks for the ear worm

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