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Geometry and Spiderman

Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) is taking geometry in high school and, surprisingly, has a lot of trouble with it, especially when it comes to circles.

He asks his girlfriend, Mary Jane, for help figuring out the circumference of a circle. Mary Jane tries explaining it a few different ways, but he still doesn’t get it. She tries one last time:

“Imagine that you have a group of villains surrounding you. You jump up, swing around and wrap them with a single strand of web. The length of that single strand of web that you use to wrap the villains would be the ‘circumference.’”

Spiderman gives her a blank stare, “but I still don’t know how to find the length of the web, this circumference?”

Exasperated, Mary Jane, “we went over this many times, don’t you remember it, Spidey?”

6 responses to “Geometry and Spiderman”

  1. LXndR3100 Avatar

    “Spidey?” —> pi D
    Is that the punchline, if so, clever, but took me half the day to decipher and made it lose it’s funny

  2. Evening_Pangolin_165 Avatar

    I really don’t get this.

  3. OskarTheRed Avatar

    Oh dear lord, this one got obscure

  4. SadLaser Avatar

    Mary Jane never calls him Spidey. She’d call him Peter.

  5. All-I-See-Is-Ashes Avatar

    A genius to rival Reed Richards can’t figure out the circumference of a circle?

  6. dduckquack Avatar

    Radius, MJ. Radius.

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