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flasher in an old people’s home.

A flasher goes into an old people’s home and goes upto an old lady , pulls his jacket open and shouts “superdick “.
The old lady says “what was that, I can’t hear you “.
A little bit louder the flasher again shouts “superdick “.
Again the old lady says “speak up”.
Finally the flasher shouts ” SUPERDICK “, and the old lady says “I’ll have the soup “

2 responses to “flasher in an old people’s home.”

  1. murderous_fluff_ball Avatar

    I am too dumb for this one. Can someone please explain?

  2. danielthechskid Avatar

    Nice parody of Garrison Keillor’s “Bad Jokes”

    I turned 90 the other day
    All my friends were there
    I was dressed up in a suit
    Sitting in my wheelchair
    A beautiful young naked woman
    Stood up in front of the group
    She offered me some super sex
    I said “I’ll take the soup”

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