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Everything is big in Texas

A guy walks into bar in Texas and orders a burger. The damn thing is almost 3 lbs with all the fixings.

He asks the bartender ” this is the burger you offer?!?!”

Bartender says “yeah man everything is big in Texas”

He is in awe and can’t help but wonder what a beer looks like in Texas so he orders one. The bartender than brings him almost 2 liters of beer instead of a pint.

“This is a beer here?!?!”

Bartender says ” yeah man everything is big in Texas”

The guy finishes half his burger and drinks his beer and before he leaves he has to take a piss. He asks the Bartender where the bathroom is to which the Bartender says “two doors down the hallway on your right”. So he proceeds down the hallway and goes in the door two doors 2 left. He takes 2 steps in without looking, falls into the indoor swimming pool connected to the country club and yells:


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  1. TrainingRoof5240 Avatar

    Don’t go to the hoe house.

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