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just open your fucking mouth ;p

Don’t make fun of people for being short,

That’s beneath you.

10 responses to “Don’t make fun of people for being short,”

  1. proychow1 Avatar

    Short people won’t feel bad. They understand.

  2. peter-forward Avatar

    Be kind to short people. They look up to you.

  3. pm-mepicsofyourpets Avatar

    If they get mad at it, that’s because they have a short temper

  4. jeffinRTP Avatar

    Not if I’m sitting down.

  5. laples Avatar

    That’s very small minded

  6. -domi- Avatar

    That’s a high goal. Might be a bit of a reach.

  7. SatansLoyalArmY Avatar

    Yeah, you gotta hand it to short people, because they can’t reach.

  8. PeterParker8aV Avatar

    One time a guy behind a desk insulted me,.I said “why don’t you stand up and say that”?
    He said “I am standing up!”

  9. TheLambda89 Avatar

    If you’re short and offended by this: grow up!

    (/Jimmy Carr)

  10. Death_by_Snusnu_vol1 Avatar

    Yeah you should put people down like that

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