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Democrats are sexier than Republicans

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. “Is it true that Democrats are generally considered to be more attractive than Republicans?” he asks the bartender. “Well, have you every heard of a hot piece of elephant?” the bartender responds.

19 responses to “Democrats are sexier than Republicans”

  1. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Actually believe the first bunch of responders didn’t make the donkey- ass connection – LOL!

  2. MinFootspace Avatar

    My right half brain : “I’ve never seen a hot piece of donkey either”

    My left half brain : “Someone get me out of this skull !!”

  3. Runts4Dinner Avatar

    But they sometimes have junk in their trunks

  4. ajcpullcom Avatar

    George Carlin: “Have you noticed that most of the people that are against abortion are people you wouldn’t wanna fuck in the first place?”

  5. KingstonAdvice Avatar

    My favorite political joke was from Bush v Gore:

    George Bush is trying to get less violent shows on television and Al Gore wants less nudity. So, basically Bush wants less gore, and Gore wants less bush.

  6. drebinf Avatar

    > hot piece of elephant

    So I briefly dated this um larger girl who referred to *herself* as an elephant. She was large, and on the pretty side, but what made her really hot was her attitude and interests. So, the answer is “weirdly, yes!”.

  7. ariadeneva Avatar

    not a politic joke again

    let’s not talk about elephant in the room will ya

  8. priyankandatta Avatar

    I am not an american. Can some one please explain the joke. Thanks in advance.

  9. ausrussell Avatar

    Well I think elephants are much more attractive than asses.

  10. 06Wahoo Avatar

    Meanwhile, there aren’t too many using the insults of wise elephant, smart elephant, dumb elephant, fat elephant (maybe that one, but not as often),…

  11. amerkanische_Frosch Avatar

    Ha! Took me a moment.

  12. slappyredcheeks Avatar

    Is the bar scenario necessary for this joke? Much more to the point with

    _Why are Democrats considered sexier than Republicans?_

    _Have you ever heard of a hot piece of elephant?_

  13. tempski Avatar

    This joke reminds me of this; [click](

  14. meowsmusic Avatar

    There’s more uglier older republicans but just as many ugly young dems

  15. usernametaken0987 Avatar

    I like this joke, it works on so many levels too.

  16. abirkmanis Avatar

    When the caption is the punchline.

  17. MikiloIX Avatar

    False. Whenever I’m on a date with someone new, my date’s friends ask them, “who’s the elephant?” I don’t know what it means, but I always find it to be a nice compliment.

  18. onairmastering Avatar


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