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Apparently, Someone In London Gets Stabbed Every 52 Seconds.

Poor bastard.

6 responses to “Apparently, Someone In London Gets Stabbed Every 52 Seconds.”

  1. BaaaaL44 Avatar

    Linguistics fun fact: this joke is usually taught in formal semantics and mathematical logic seminars when talking about quantifier scope and the specific and non-specific readings of indefinites in natural language

  2. MedStew57 Avatar

    That bastard’s cheesy

  3. Willystronka Avatar

    The fact that bastard is the only word that isn’t capitalized annoys me more than that the rest of the post is capitalized.

  4. apbt-dad Avatar

    Jack is back

  5. Puzzled-Warning1358 Avatar

    We need to catch the culprit immediately.

  6. nchoe123 Avatar

    this was originally an SNL skit!

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