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A zoophile, a masochist and an arsonist get together

They’re all bored out of their minds in their little apartment when a cat appears on the window.

The zoophile looks at it lustfully and says “I’m gonna hit that cat senseless and fuck it”

The arsonist gets excited and shouts “hell yeah!! And when you’re done I can stick a firework up it’s ass and watch it blow up!!”

Both of them are hyped (and horny), they turn to the masochist and say “what about you huh?”

The masochist looks at them both and says…


2 responses to “A zoophile, a masochist and an arsonist get together”

  1. StarsBear75063 Avatar

    [sound of one hand clapping] ?????

  2. Icy_Snow_14 Avatar

    zoosadist moment

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