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A wife comes back home to her husband only to find out that the building of her apartment has caught fire

The place is surrounded by fireman and police officers who are not letting anyone through. The wife hysterically goes forward shouting at them to let her through and that her husband was inside.

The Fireman tries to calm her down, tells her his condolences and that all the people that were inside are dead. The wife goes even more crazy wanting to pass through and find her husband. The fire man tries to explain that due to the fire all the corpses are coal black and that she wouldn’t be able to identify him.

The wife now even crazier insists on going in. “I have been his wife for 20 years, I know every inch of him. I definitely can tell him apart.” so the firemen finally decide to let her in.

She goes to the first bag, opens its, reaches with her hand all the way down to his private area… “hmmm, that’s not him”. She then goes to the next bag repeats the same thing, “hmmmmm, that’s not him either”.

She opens the third bag, again reaches all the way down to the guys privates. but this time there is a long pause. “mmmmm This guy is not even from this building”

5 responses to “A wife comes back home to her husband only to find out that the building of her apartment has caught fire”

  1. run-for-cover-zoot Avatar

    At the town festival they had a contest with a prize if a woman can pick out her husband just by feeling his private parts. They lined up all the men from the village and blindfolded the first contestant. As she walked down the line of men feeling each one she said, “no, no, no, this ones not even from this village”.

  2. dirt_mcgirt4 Avatar

    Old man and old woman are sitting in a nursing home. Old woman says “bet I can guess your age”.
    Old man says “ok go for it”.
    Woman unzips his trouser, sticks her hand inside, feels around a while, then says “you’re 86”.
    Man says “that’s amazing, how did you guess?”.
    Woman says: “You told me yesterday”.

  3. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Yeah, he’ll be the corpse that was in OUR APARTMENT – duh!”

    I should’ve stopped as soon as I read, “the building of her apartment.”

    Oh well, live and learn…

  4. TablePrinterDoor Avatar

    I don’t get it

  5. FutureProof4D Avatar

    The building of her apartment, hey? That’s like the circuit of the short, the oil of the cod liver, the gum of the chew, the table of the bedside, the force of the police, the nuggets of the chicken…

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