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A very 1950’s naughty joke my very proper Mother told…

A young couple got married and the wife couldn’t cook. But they were still in the honeymoon phase, so the first night after they got home, the husband comes home from work and the wife says “I’m sorry I burned dinner.” So the husband says “That’s all right honey let’s just make love.”

The second night, he comes home from work and she says “I’m sorry honey, I messed up dinner.” He says “That’s all right honey, let’s just go to bed wink wink.”

The third night he comes home and she’s sitting on the radiator. He asks what she’s doing? and she answers “Warming up supper.”

My very proper 91-year-old Southern Mom says “You’re welcome”

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  1. miauguau44 Avatar

    The next night he comes home and is surprised by another woman wearing lingerie.

    His wife is standing next to her and says “I’m not feeling well so I ordered takeout.”

  2. nightmanedin Avatar

    Oh I love that! It’s wrong on so many levels but in the most wonderful ways! Please give her my thanks also.

  3. HazelNightengale Avatar

    Reminds me of an anecdote I heard from around that time…

    A young couple decide to get married. They have enough money to get by, but not a lot of financial wiggle room- but they decided they can make it work. The wife was very young, and hadn’t much experience home-making on her own yet.

    Soon after they get back from the honeymoon, the husband makes a small request: Every dinner, no matter what kind of cuisine it was, he wanted a slice of buttered toast on the side. Don’t worry about it fitting in with the rest, just please humor him. It’s not much trouble, so the wife does as he asks. Many nights, he eats some of the toast and some of the dinner. Other nights, he eats all of the toast and less of the dinner. A few nights here and there, he eats the main dinner but barely touches the toast.

    Over time, he eats less and less of the toast, then some nights he doesn’t touch the toast at all. After a year or so, he tells her he doesn’t want the toast with dinner anymore, so she stops serving it. But it had always made her curious, and eventually she asks him what was up with the toast.

    He hems and haws a little, and makes her promise not to get mad if he tells her. Now she’s REALLY curious, and promises. He admits that her cooking early on was, er… unreliable, and the toast was his bit of backup food in case dinner turned out mostly inedible that night. He knew she was trying her best, so he didn’t want to say anything. As her cooking improved, he eventually no longer needed the toast.

    If you ask your spouse a question, make sure you actually want to know the answer 😉

  4. TaliesinMerlin Avatar

    The fourth night he comes home from work, finds no one there, and realizes that he had taken her too literally.

  5. LilBueno Avatar

    I didn’t get it but I misread it that she was sitting BY the radiator and I imagined her cooking dinner on the radiator.

    Finally got it and lol’d. Have an upvote


    reminds me of a couple from my mom….

    why are cowgirls bowlegged ? cowboys eat with their hats on

    Did you hear Minnie Mouse was sent to the insane asylum? she was fucking Goofy

  7. JohnnyCenter Avatar

    A reversal of the classic;

    My wife caught me using a hairdryer on my junk this morning and asked me what I was doing.

    Apparently “heating up your dinner” wasn’t the right answer…

    Love your mom

  8. azaghal1988 Avatar

    I feel really dumb, but can someone explain it to me? Maybe it’s a language thing (English isn’t my first language) but I really don’t get it.

  9. RichardCano Avatar

    People ate pussy in the 50’s?

  10. berlinflieger Avatar

    Tell her thanks, she made a gay dude giggle

  11. [deleted] Avatar


  12. ArsalanShah41 Avatar

    Did they have baby wipes in the 50s?

  13. djinnisequoia Avatar

    Silly rabbit. He was supposed to *take her out to dinner.* Doesn’t get much clearer than that. 🙂

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