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A tired man tries to sleep past midnight.

But suddenly he hears from next door’s apartment: ‘ORDAHH, ORDAHH! ‘. The man gets up from his bed and puts his ear next to the wall, the neighbor is being more lousy than usual. Since it seems it’s already quiet he goes back to bed.

‘ORDAHH, ORDAHH! ‘ he hears soon again. This time he goes directly to the neighbor’s door and calls him out. The neighbor, half naked, tells him that everything is fine and no more noise will come from there.

The man goes back to bed.

Soon later again, he hears:’ ORDAHH, ORDAHH!’. The man goes back to his neighbor’s in a rush and slams the door several times. The neighbor opens, completely naked.

‘What is going on there?! ‘ Demands the man to know.

‘Well, you see, we are kind of having an orgy back here and we are 2 men and 21 women. And everytime we turn the lights off I get fucked by the other man so I start to call for some order in here.’

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  1. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Quirt wasting everyone’s f****ing time. Blocked!

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