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A teacher asks her class “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Little Johnny says “I wanna be a billionaire, going to the most expensive clubs, take the best bitch with me, give her a Ferrari worth over a million bucks, an apartment in Hawaii, a mansion in Paris, a jet to travel through Europe, an Infinite Visa Card and to make love to her three times a day”.

The teacher, shocked and not knowing how to respond to this, decides not to give importance to what he said and then continues the lesson. “And you, Susie? ” the teacher asks.

Susie says “I wanna be Johnny’s bitch.”

8 responses to “A teacher asks her class “What do you want to be when you grow up?””

  1. iota_thoughts Avatar

    One of the bitches*

  2. incorrigible57 Avatar

    Who wouldn’t?

  3. EnigmaFrug2308 Avatar

    Kid in my grade named Susie. She’d definitely do this.

  4. MonsieurReynard Avatar

    Then she asks Robbie and he says “I want to be a vitamin when I grow up!”

    And the teacher says “you can’t be a vitamin!”

    And Robbie says “you’re wrong, I saw a sign at the drugstore that said ‘Vitamin B 1!’l

    I’ll show myself out

  5. Puzzled-Warning1358 Avatar

    Where my bitches… where my bitches…

    ~B powder

  6. CuriousBrajesh Avatar

    Let them breed.

  7. Waitsfornoone Avatar

    Can I please be Johnny’s Bitch?

  8. [deleted] Avatar


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