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A neutron enters a bar

Neutron: “How much for a beer”

Bartender: “Oh it’s free. No charge for you.”

19 responses to “A neutron enters a bar”

  1. O_Giannis Avatar

    A roof walks into a bar and pays nothing.
    It’s on the house

  2. Johnny_The_Room Avatar

    “No charge for you” said Bartender Proton.
    “Are you sure?”
    “I’m positive.”

  3. tkeelah Avatar

    A Higgs particle collided with the bar and split, without being seen. The barman remarked “That’s dark.”

  4. Thunder-_-Bear- Avatar

    A photon walks into a hotel.

    The concierge asks, “Do you need any help with your luggage?”

    “No thanks,” the photon replies. “I”m travelling light.”

  5. Look_Specific Avatar

    A faster than light neutrino enters the bar.
    Barman says I told you tomorrow that your kind is not welcone in my bar.

  6. hperrin Avatar

    A man walks into a bar and says “bartender?” The barkeep replies, “no, it’s solid wood.”

  7. KnownAd7367 Avatar

    An group of electrons walk into the bar. The bartender is shocked.

  8. MinFootspace Avatar

    A neutrino enters a bar.
    And leaves through the back wall.

  9. Mobile-Boot8097 Avatar

    Two carbon atoms walking back from the bar:

    Atom 1: Oh shit, i dropped an electron back at the bar. We gotta go back for it the wife will be pissed!

    Atom 2: Are you sure, that’s a long walk back.

    Atom 1: Sure i’m sure, I’m positive!

  10. bgub Avatar

    A proton walks into a bar and orders six shots of whiskey.

    bartender: “are you sure?”

    proton: I’m positive

  11. MarvinLazer Avatar

    A quark walks into a bar. The bartender immediately pours him a drink, since he’s obviously down.

  12. Puzzled-Warning1358 Avatar

    Mathematician here who’s dabbled in physics… don’t worry I get it lol.

  13. ya_boiii_nightmare Avatar

    bro this has got to be the oldest of the old reposted jokes, it’s like a fucking religion by now

  14. IAmAShyChad Avatar

    A God particle enters the bar, everybody get on their knees and starts praying.

  15. Sola_Sista_94 Avatar

    For some reason, I was looking for a “Gotta blast!” somewhere in this joke. XD

  16. Meranio Avatar

    In the german version of this joke, the neutron wouldn’t be let into the bar.

  17. VexorShadewing Avatar

    “Well I’ll be a son of a monkey’s uncle!” – Hugh, probably

  18. steveblackimages Avatar


  19. mordecai14 Avatar

    Yes, I have also played fallout 3

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