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A man walks into a bar located on the 10th floor of a skyscraper

He sits down and asks for his usual “special” drink he drinks it, jumps out the window flies around the building and re-enters through the window and sits back down. A woman sitting next to him, reasonably shocked, asks him how he did that, the man replies that “its all in the drink”. The woman eager to have a try herself orders the same drink, downs the whole thing, jumps out the window and proceeds to crash on the ground, instantly dying.

The man laughs, in tears.

The barman tells him: “superman you can be a real asshole when you drink”

6 responses to “A man walks into a bar located on the 10th floor of a skyscraper”

  1. Maxi_ElWhip1 Avatar

    “Clark” would be better than “Superman”

  2. JackHagens Avatar

    I remember this joke but set on a construction site!

  3. Pants1776 Avatar

    I’ve been looking for a much cleaner version of this. I heard this from that “one” uncle originally and it was a lot more…. ehh… let’s just leave it at racist. Not really appropriate for anyone, let alone an 8 year old kid.

  4. EnigmaFrug2308 Avatar

    Great joke! But one of Superman’s powers is that he can’t get drunk (I think)

  5. playertiger Avatar

    Ya but this would have to wait untill he is actually an adult so ya

  6. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    So how ,many 10th floor public spaces have windows that open?

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