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A man is tired of high-quality Jokes

“I can’t do it anymore. The Internet is just too full of ONLY GOOD JOKES! Everything is fresh and original and insightful all the time!

And the comment sections! Even worse! Only the best of humanity shows up there to provide wisdom with excellent riffs!

It’s too much for me! If only there was a place where I could find stolen jokes of low quality! A place where all the comment sections did nothing except beating stale horses to death!


But it’s no use. I’m doomed to suffer reading only amazing jokes forever.

Curse you God! Why did you make life this way!”

2 responses to “A man is tired of high-quality Jokes”

  1. ImpulseAfterthought Avatar

    OP is the change the man wanted to see in the world.

  2. typicalyasuomain04 Avatar

    Your post is what the man craved for

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