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A man goes for a walk in the park.

On his walk, he sees two men sat on a park bench and looking very down.

“What’s wrong?” He asked them.

One of the men look up at the man and let’s out a long sigh:

“Take a seat and I’ll tell you.”

Curious, he sat down next to the two men.

“The paints wet.” He said.

6 responses to “A man goes for a walk in the park.”

  1. Waitsfornoone Avatar

    … and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the living definition of an asshole.

  2. MedStew57 Avatar

    This is the most laughter I’ve let out today

  3. CliffLake Avatar

    HA! Good one. That guy is looking to catch a good old fashioned ass whooping. His friend too. That’s some low down shit. I hate those two guys. They deserved everything they got. Not that last guy, unless they all rope in a fourth person…then that guy too.

  4. uglypaperhaver Avatar

    Immediately the man’s dog leaps at the pair and rips both their throats open. With his gurgling last breath one of the men demands, “Wtf, can’t you even take a joke?”

    “Sure I can take a joke…” came the response, “…but my *dog* can’t.”

  5. tpro72 Avatar

    Yup! I was 16 and I saw this the day it came out… My favorite line by far!!

  6. AkaGurGor Avatar

    “let’s out a long sigh:”



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